Supporting companies at the intersection of Impact and Technology

We are a full stack venture platform that empowers companies to solve some of the worlds biggest problems. 

Values that lead us


Think big

Life is too short and the worlds challenges are to big to think small. We focus on audacious goals and outcomes.


Follow the data

Where there’s no data, create it. Where there’s data, lead with it. Hunches are important but we lead with the numbers.


People First

Technology, process and environments are important but people always come first. We make sure to keep that in mind.


Always be learning

Failure to us is a checkpoint as much. as success is a milestone. Most importantly, it’s about constantly learning and improving.

We Partner with Founders to bring ideas to life

We work with founders by supporting them through the challenges of building audacious companies tackling nebulous challenges. 

Our Portfolio

Let’s Build

The best way to predict the future is to build it. Let’s build it together. 

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