Builders Wanted

Today's Problems Need Builders That are ready to Leverage Emerging Technology to Create TomorrowS solutions

At tiphub – we’ve always believed that purpose and profit are not at odds. Actually, some of the biggest opportunities to change the world are the most lucrative. We’ve focused a lot of our time and effort proving that with our investments, partnerships, and programming. 

We’ve iterated on our thesis over time – but our north star has always remained true. The biggest opportunities for returns are good for society. 

Our Perspective

We're lazer Focused on Areas we Believe will Drive Value Creation

We’re nontraditional capital partners in many ways. When we say value – we are nuanced in how we deliver it and unique in how we observe opportunities we like. We are less focused on forming opinions on industries and more focused on value creation. 

How we support companies

Most capital partners don’t have the portfolio structure in place to support companies in a robust and effective way. 

We’ve tiered our approach. We provide capital and strategic support but as operators, we have wrap-around services that provide additional support where founders need it the most. 

Need legal support? We’ve got Vazilegal 


Need technological support? We’ve got Parallelscore. 


A little early for capital and need help scaling your idea? We’ve got Scale My Hustle. 


Our platform allows us to be targeted and tangible in our support to maximize value for our partners and stakeholders. 


Sector Agnostic

We’ve identified values across geography, industry and company lifecycle that lead to exponential value creation for equity partners and for customers/ users. These are evidence backed themes for us that majority of our investments fall into. 


Informal marketplaces work but oftentimes don’t scale beyond geography or user types.  Taking the opportunity to formalize marketplaces provides scalability and savings to buyers and sellers.

Customer Focus

Companies that help consumers and organizations make better decisions. Providing transparency by unlocking data for the consumer and organizations

Cost Reducers

Companies that decrease the cost of doing business between businesses and customers. Decreasing the cost of doing business allows opportunities to deliver quality experiences, products, and services to businesses and customers in new ways.

Disruptive Heroes 

Technologies that disintermediate extractive, legacy industries to remove friction and empower consumers and small business. Examples include blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Amazing Founders Impactful Outcomes Thought Provoking Ideas

What We Offer

We believe in creating value beyond capital. If you’re just looking for a check.. and there’s nothing wrong with that – we aren’t the right partners. 

Networks +

Awesome network of potential partners, operators, customers, supporters, etc.

Tactical Support

Sometimes strategy and conversation aren't enough. We provide implementation support through our partners.

Capital +

We focus on maintaining relationship with capital partners across the stack so you tomorrow's capital conversations are a little easer.

Thought Partners

Because we're operators ourselves, we understand the key levers required to support scaling companies. We know the answers or know people who might have additional insights.


We've got ad-hoc and anuual programs in the pipeline to help create community, and deliver needed support to founders and their companies.

More To Come

We're always looking for more effective ways to support companies. Its in our DNA.