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Simplicity is not a style.

01.Stay in The Know

Simplicity is not a style, it is more a philosophy about how to design something more effectively

June 15, 2020 . VC

On Transparency

If we’re talking about ways to build a more equitable and open venture capital industry, we have to talk about transparency. Traditionally, venture capital and transparency are like water and oil; they don’t mix. People often describe venture capital as...

June 13, 2020 . VC

It’s Time to Build: Part 2

As we think of building and tearing down institutions we should make sure we’re focused on building a more inclusive type of institution.

March 7, 2020 . VC

On Community

When we started thinking about how we could differentiate tiphub, we kept coming back to creating an amazing community of stakeholders that would be wholly invested in each other’s outcomes. After unpacking that a little bit, we realized every firm...