At tiphub, we have key themes that drive our interest in the companies we engage. As a result, we are very flexible in areas where most would be rigid and particular where others would be flexible. We are geographically agnostic but tend to where we have the best communities. Instead of focusing on specific industries, we are interested in companies that do the following:


Companies that organize marketplaces. There’s a great number of informal marketplaces in African and diaspora markets and sometimes opportunities to create them. Taking the opportunity to make these marketplaces formal provides scalability and savings to buyers and sellers.

Cost Reducer

Companies that decrease the cost of doing business between businesses and customers. Decreasing the cost of doing business allows opportunities to deliver quality experiences, products, and services to businesses and customers in new ways.

Disruptive Heroes

We’re interested in companies that disintermediate extractive, legacy industries to remove friction and empower consumers and small business. Examples include blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Consumer Focus

Companies that help consumers and organizations make better decisions. Providing transparency by unlocking data for the consumer and organization.


Portfolio Companies


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