June 13, 2020 . VC

It’s Time to Build: Part 2

As we think of building and tearing down institutions we should make sure we’re focused on building a more inclusive type of institution.

August 25, 2017 . Team VC

5 Types of Teams That Attract Investment

“We invest in people not ideas.” VCs , especially those investing in pre seed or seed stage, look for a certain type of management team to de risk their investments. They believe there are few characteristics that early teams have…

August 25, 2017 . VC

What’s in a Deal Memo?

I originally wrote this as a response to a comment. Long story short, when a vc firm is making a decision on whether to invest or not, and they’ve had meetings with your team. They normally make a deal memo…

August 25, 2017 . Team VC

On Fundraising

Had the holidays so I took a break…. This week is the Bola special. It’s dedicated to fundraising like a boss. For those who don’t want to read everything, here are the 4 takeaways on how to fundraise. I will…

August 25, 2017 . VC

Re-thinking Venture Capital in Emerging Markets

For the last year or so, the team at tiphub has done a lot of interesting research and testing to identify key needs to accelerate entrepreneurship in emerging markets like Nigeria. One of the most common challenges, as most would…